New entry in the NextGeo fleet: the NG Driller

Here at Next Geosolutions we are all very excited and proud to announce a new special

entry in our fleet of offshore survey and construction support vessels.

Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome … the “NG DRILLER”!

The NG DRILLER is a DP2 geotechnical drilling and survey vessel designed to operate in harsh

weather conditions and deep waters.

With over 73m length and 16,6m breadth, she provides a stable platform for offshore

geotechnical operations, with drilling capabilities up to 1000m combined water and borehole

depth and a max water depth of 700m.

With this new naval asset, NextGeo aims to contribute to the energy transition, by supporting the

development of offshore energy infrastructures in general and especially of offshore wind

projects, either bottom-fixed or floating.

The NG DRILLER has just successfully completed her first survey tasks in the Mediterranean Sea,

in support of a floating offshore windfarm project.

Enjoy the video!