Last but not least, please meet our latest acquisition: the MPSV NG WORKER (formerly Seabed Worker), a versatile multi-purpose offshore vessel providing integrated and dependable WROV services worldwide.

Directly owned by NextGeo, the NG Worker is permanently equipped with two 5000m rated Work-Class Schilling HD ROVs, one in a dedicated hangar and one through a large moonpool, and is manned by in-house marine, survey and ROV crews.

With her 89 metres of length and a 50t AHC main crane, the NG Worker is the second largest ship of our fleet and is the perfect option for both survey and offshore construction support tasks.

She was built in 2009 in Norway and is now sailing with Italian flag, as are all vessels of the NextGeo fleet. 

She is permanently fitted with a wide range of state-of-the-art survey and positioning equipment, including a hull-mounted HiPAP 500 USBL system. Other features are a breadth of 16m, a deck space of 630 sqm, a min/max draught of 6,30/7,15m and a POB of 66 persons.


We provide our customers with all the data, information and support they need to accomplish their projects in full awareness, the highest quality and total safety.