More tasks accomplished for TenneT OWF projects

In 2020, Next Geosolutions was awarded two large and complex multi-year contracts by TenneT TSO B.V. for UXO and non-UXO survey activities in support of the vast offshore wind energy programme promoted by the Dutch Government in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

The wind farms involved in the survey scope are Hollandse Kust (noord), Hollandse Kust (west Alpha) and Hollandse Kust (west Beta), Ten Noorden van de Wadden, IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Beta, the first being part of the Roadmap 2023 and the others of the Roadmap 2030.

NextGeo’s main scope is to cover the cable route surveys and UXO investigation, identification, and clearance for such routes. The project entails offshore, nearshore, and onshore activities and involves the utilisation of a large number of vessels and resources, which led NextGeo to establish a new local entity named Next Geosolutions BV with operational base in IJmuiden, NL.

A substantial part of the survey works has already been successfully performed in the past months, but a large part is still going on.

With the support of the local Dutch company Shore Monitoring & Research BV, NextGeo has recently successfully carried out geophysical survey operations involving SBP, MBES, SSS, MAG, LiDAR, video, and orthography utilising the local company’s wide range of vehicles, such as 4WD’s, drone, the Shore Opportunity Rib and the Shore Possibility Cheetah. Thorough investigations were executed on the beach and in the tidal, nearshore and confined waters.

Another strong and fruitful cooperation relationship had been established with the local key player Deep BV, Hydrography & Geophysics to cover nearshore, tidal, confined, and Wadden Sea survey works. The perfect synergy with NextGeo’s offshore assets guarantees a complete coverage for any survey scope and a successful project completion.


NextGeo selected PanGeo SBI

NextGeo selected PanGeo SBI for further survey on Hollandse Kust West Beta (HKWb) routes forTenneT TSO. Marine geoscience and offshore construction support service provider NextGeo

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