The NG Driller is a DP2 geotechnical survey vessel with 70tons drilling tower on the moonpool permanently installed to perform the following activities:

  • Borehole drilling and piston sampling
  • Down-hole and Seabed PCPT testing
  • Wireline rock coring
  • Onboard laboratory analysis
  • Onboard data analysis & preliminary engineering

With over 73m length and 16,6m beam she provides a stable platform for offshore geotechnical operations with drilling capabilities up to 1000m combined water and borehole depth (max water depth 700m).

The offshore laboratory enables geotechnical engineers direct access to the following geotechnical data:

  • Water content, bulk and dry density
  • Qualitative carbonate content
  • Laboratory vane, torvane, pocket penetrometer
  • Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) triaxial
  • Point load (determination of Is (50) for rock)

Onboard data processing and preliminary engineering capabilities include the following:

  • Axial, Lateral and driveability pile analysis
  • Jack-up spudcan penetration analyses
  • Mud-mat sizing
  • Substructure foundation
  • Pipeline route assessments
  • Burial assessment


We provide our customers with all the data, information and support they need to accomplish their projects in full awareness, the highest quality and total safety.