With a modern fleet of DP vessels and a multi-national blend of over 200 skilled and experienced professionals (our biggest asset), NextGeo provides the best marine geoscience data acquisition and processing services, and delivers high quality, cost-efficient solutions covering the entire life cycle of assets and projects. The range of NextGeo’s services spans from desktop studies to marine surveying, construction support services and IRM works, to assist our customers across all project phases. By your side from start to finish.


From the initial project idea, we provide a wide range of integrated desktop studies and survey services to assist in the planning and efficient execution of the next stages, thus ensuring our customers have all the data and support they need to accomplish their projects safely and effectively.

The services we offer in the early conception stage of the project include:

  • Desktop Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • UXO/Archaeological Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • GIS & Mapping Services


Combining cutting-edge technology and our many years’ experience, we provide our customers with the highest quality data and technical assistance during the design and engineering process with an array of preliminary survey activities, offshore and nearshore, as well as onshore. 

Among our core competences, our pre-engineering survey services include:

  • Marine Geophysical & Geotechnical Surveys
  • Cable & Pipeline Route Surveys
  • Seabed & Site Surveys
  • UXO & Archaeological Surveys
  • Environmental Surveys
  • Hydrography & Oceanography
  • GIS-based Data Processing, Charting & Reporting


We have extensive experience in offshore construction and installation support, always with quality and safety in mind. By operating our advanced fleet of DP2 vessels and state-of-the-art ROVs and equipment, our experts can assist in all construction and installation phases of our customers’ projects, helping them to optimise costs and reduce risks. 

Our specialised services in this phase include:

  • Surface & Subsea Positioning
  • Pre-Lay, As-Laid, As-Installed & As-Built Surveys
  • Route/Site Preparation & Clearance, PLGR & Mattressing
  • UXO Identification & Clearance
  • Touch-Down Monitoring
  • Underwater Mining Assistance & Monitoring


Our inspection, repair and maintenance services ensure customers’ projects experience minimal downtime throughout their entire duration by providing real-time monitoring, inspection, intervention, and light remedial works. These can be achieved by ROV, ROTV, AUV, ASV or divers, all operated from our top-class multi-purpose support vessels, according to each specific project requirements.

We support the longevity of each asset, and subsequently the success of our customers’ projects, with both conventional and innovative IRM services, including:

  • Pipeline & Cable Inspections
  • Surface & Subsea Structure Inspections
  • Light Intervention Works
  • Cable Repair Support Services


Providing turnkey solutions throughout the entire life cycle of a project, we are there to assist right up to completion of the decommissioning stage of offshore assets and infrastructures, ensuring full compliance with QHSE policies and environmental responsibilities.

We can offer valuable services in this final phase of the projects, such as:

  • Pre & Post Decommissioning Surveys
  • Seabed Mapping & Debris Clearance
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Offshore Vessel Support


We provide our customers with all the data, information and support they need to accomplish their projects in full awareness, the highest quality and total safety.