With her 70 metres of length, the MPSV Ievoli Blue is slightly smaller than her sisters but is the perfect vessel for offshore survey tasks, including geophysical, geotechnical, UXO and environmental investigations.

She was built in 2010 at the Remontowa shipyards in Gdansk, an area in which NextGeo is currently focussing and investing quite extensively. 

With a breadth of 15,5m, a deck space of 440 sqm and a summer draught of 5,1m, she is the ideal platform to operate in the North Sea, as well as in the Baltic Sea.

Among other features, the Blue is fitted with an HiPAP 502 underwater acoustic positioning system, a 1,2×1,2m moonpool with a retractable cursor for installation of survey sensors and a robust 17t A-frame at the stern.


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