The MPSV Ievoli Cobalt is the sister ship of the MPSV Ievoli Amber, and, as such, is an 84m long offshore survey and construction support vessel with approx. 600 square metres of free deck area.

The Amber was also built in Turkey and delivered in October 2016. 

Despite her young age, the Cobalt has been successfully operated by NextGeo since her delivery and has therefore, a remarkable track-record of successful survey projects.

She has a 25 tons heave-compensated crane, a 17 tons A-frame and a hull-mounted USBL acoustic underwater positioning system HiPAP 500. She has accommodation for up to 53 people on board.

The Cobalt is permanently fitted with a wide range of advanced survey equipment and a specifically designed hangar for work-class ROV.


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